Emagine Solutions Technology has announced a new integration with Fitbit, a global company in wearable health technology, software, and services. This collaboration allows pregnant users of Emagine’s The Journey Pregnancy App to track and monitor their maternal health using Fitbit devices. To activate the integration, users need to download the Fitbit app and connect it to their device. By following the prompt to provide permission to The Journey Pregnancy App, users can create a centralized health record within the app. This integration also provides access to research-backed health information on pregnancy and postpartum topics, along with health alerts when users’ data falls outside normal ranges.

The integration introduces several new capabilities to The Journey Pregnancy App. Users can monitor and share health trends such as mood, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels with their doctors. The app offers insights on developing pregnancy complications like hypertension and gestational diabetes, along with resources for managing these conditions during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Additionally, users have the ability to share their health trends with their physicians between appointments, provided the physician opts in.

Emagine’s The Journey Pregnancy App is available for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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