Diva’Me Co-founders Prashant and Nadine Audi. Image: Diva’Me

Diva’Me, a femtech company co-founded by Prashant and Nadine Audi, has raised $1 million in pre-seed funding led by Verde. Based in Dubai, the company is committed to revolutionizing women’s health by advancing societal norms surrounding menstruation and offering innovative, technology-driven solutions.

Central to Diva’Me’s mission is the development of an AI-based personalized counseling app. This forthcoming app is designed to connect users with the most suitable counselors or gynecologists based on their specific needs, facilitating access to professional advice and support throughout their menstrual journey. Besides working on its app Diva’Me also offers period panties made from natural raw materials, and plans to launch a line of period panties and beachwear as well as nutraceuticals.

The newly acquired funding will be used to launch and advanced of the counseling app and support the companies expansion into new markets.

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