Meditrina announces the market release of their single-use Aveta Opal Hysteroscope and disposable Aveta Auto Resecting Device for removing soft endometrial tissue such as uterine polyps in an office setting, without the need for fluid management.

The Aveta Opal HD Hysteroscope has the smallest insertion profile at 4.6mm featuring a 3.0mm working channel optimized for use with the 2.9 mm OD Aveta Auto Resecting Device, which are now part of the newly introduced Aveta office suite product portfolio. The Aveta Opal and Aveta Coral are the only commercially available hysteroscopes that have the capability to resect both fibroids and polyps without the need for a 5.5mm sheath and increased dilatation, ideal for post-menopausal patients and those with a stenotic cervix.

The Aveta Auto sets itself apart from existing devices on the market due to its internal handle mechanics. Situated inside the handle is a motorized internal fluid management suction pump and resection drive. Additionally, there is an integrated tissue specimen container attached to the device for convenient pathology collection. The automated tissue removal is faster than anything else offered commercially and eliminates fatigue due to manual hand squeezing for tissue resection. Dissatisfaction with manual devices has resulted in costly blades being utilized to complete cases, therefore, decreasing profitability.

“OBGYN’s have long been searching for a platform that allows them to fully integrate “see and treat” methodology since the 58558 code was revalued by CMS. “See and treat” has proven cost savings to both patient and buyer. Upfront investment and inability to treat complex pathology have been the two biggest barriers to adoption.

Gynecologists acquiring the Aveta office suite can address a full range of pathology with unparalleled performance and cost effectiveness. The Aveta Opal Single-Use Hysteroscope is fully scalable and can quickly be converted from a pressurized saline bag to a full fluid management procedure when complex pathology is detected. The Aveta Opal Scope gives Gynecologists an economic and safe alternative for performing hysteroscopies in the office with full O.R. performance,” explains Matt Fratantoro, Meditrina VP of Sales and Marketing.

The new Aveta devices compliment an already existing suite of innovative women’s health products which include, Aveta Coral 4.6mm and Aveta Pearl 5.7mm Single-Use Hysteroscopes, Aveta Smol 2.9mm, Aveta Flex 2.9mm, and Aveta Max 3.9mm single-use resecting devices.

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