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Dandi, a platform dedicated to improving the fertility care journey, has raised $1.3 million in funding from investors including Tiferes Ventures, Ruttenberg Gordon Investments, Winklevoss Capital, and the WeWork Alumni Fund. The funding round aims to bolster Dandi’s offerings and expand its reach in supporting individuals facing fertility challenges.

With infertility on the rise, Dandi recognizes the need to address the multifaceted challenges associated with fertility journeys. A significant portion of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process occurs outside of fertility clinics, leaving patients feeling underserved and uncertain during pivotal moments. Administering at-home IVF injections can be particularly challenging, often causing emotional distress and confusion among patients.

Dandi’s approach seeks to alleviate these challenges by providing comprehensive support through purpose-built physical products and on-demand virtual care led by registered nurses and fertility experts. The IVF Care Kit, a key component of Dandi’s offerings, is designed to enhance comfort and simplify the injection process. Developed in collaboration with leading fertility specialists and informed by patient feedback, the kit includes five tools crafted from premium, non-toxic materials.

“Dandi is much more than a byproduct of our founding team, but something we’ve built alongside an incredible community of fertility patients, advocates and doctors. We’re proud to bring much needed innovation to the space, with empathetic, personalized support to help people navigate what can be one of the most vulnerable experiences in their lives”, shares Jake Kent, Co-Founder and CEO of Dandi

Image: Dandi

The IVF Care Kit comprises:

  1. The Belt: A compression-style band featuring patented clip-in window technology to address common pain points associated with IVF injections.
  2. Cooling Pad: Engineered to provide numbing relief prior to injection, offering a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional ice packs.
  3. Rechargeable Heating Pad: A sleek and premium alternative for post-injection comfort.
  4. Massage Ball: An ergonomic tool designed to ease aches and pains at the injection site.
  5. Shot Targets: Non-toxic tattoos applied to the skin to indicate the correct injection site, reducing errors and ensuring accuracy.

In addition to its physical products, Dandi offers expert-led on-demand care through digital health services. Registered fertility nurses, available in all 50 states, provide personalized support covering various aspects of the fertility journey, including consultations, medication unboxing, and live injection support.

Leyla Bilali, Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer at Dandi explains: “The IVF process can be confusing, lonely, and mentally taxing as it is – not to mention physically painful. We’ve developed the first family of products designed just for this process, to help transform this daunting experience into one that can be more empowering and uplifting. Pairing our products with virtual care that is on-demand, personalized and medically-credible, Dandi is solving for the physical and emotionally distressing parts of this experience.”

The company’s commitment to providing practical solutions and reliable support positions it as a trusted partner for individuals navigating fertility struggles. By prioritizing both the effectiveness of care and the well-being of its users, Dandi aims to empower individuals facing fertility challenges and improve their overall experience.

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