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LactApp, a Barcelona-based startup known for its mobile breastfeeding apps, has expanded its footprint by opening the first in-person lactation care clinic in the city, and according to the company in the world. This move doesn’t just offer new solutions to new parents, but also marks the company’s first foray into brick-and-mortar healthcare services.

The clinic itself houses four consultation rooms and a multipurpose area called ‘agora’. This space is designed for both educational sessions and workshops, targeting families and healthcare professionals.

The clinic’s offerings encompass a broad spectrum of lactation and perinatal care services:

  • Emergency lactation consultations
  • Infant physiotherapy
  • Myofunctional speech therapy for infants
  • Perinatal mental health care
  • Tongue-tie day surgeries (frenotomy)
  • Workshops on diverse topics such as infant sleep, weaning, and first aid

Alba Padró, Co-founder of LactApp explains: “LactApp Barcelona allows us to go beyond the worldwide digital care and information we have been providing so far with our mobile applications LactApp and LactApp Medical.”

Laia Aguilar, Ph.D., midwife and Director of LactApp Medical, adds: “This is the place where I have always dreamed of accompanying families. A welcoming place for mothers, babies, and their families, where clinicians of different specialties collaborate towards the individual needs and goals of mother and baby in the postpartum period.”

The center also offers a tongue-tie surgery clinic in collaboration with MD Dr. Parri and the FreeLac team, combining for the first time ankyloglossia diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment infant physiotherapy in a unique, convenient location. The clinic has also initiated a collaborative tongue-tie surgery program with MD Dr. Parri and the FreeLac team, integrating diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment care in one location.

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