The Honey Pot Co. Co-founder Beatrice Dixon. Image: The Honey Pot Co.

Compass Diversified (CODI), known for its portfolio of leading middle-market businesses, has entered into a partnership with The Honey Pot Company, a brand specializing in “better-for-you” feminine care products. The agreement, which carries an enterprise value of $380 million, aims to reinforce The Honey Pot Company’s commitment to providing comprehensive and holistic feminine care systems.

Originating from a personal need for healthier feminine care options, The Honey Pot Company was founded in Atlanta, by Co-Founder Beatrice Dixon. Since its inception in 2012, the company has developed a wide range of products, encompassing feminine hygiene, menstrual care, consumer health, and sexual wellness. Its distinct approach to product formulation, using plant-derived ingredients and clinically tested formulas, has successfully fostered a loyal and diverse customer base over the years.

“We are excited to embark on this partnership with CODI, a firm that aligns seamlessly with our values and is dedicated to championing our vision of destigmatizing feminine care through accessible products and promoting holistic wellness, both inside and out,” says The Honey Pot Co.’s Co-Founder, Beatrice Dixon, who will continue to lead the company in her current role as CEO and Chief Innovation Officer. “We believe that this partnership will not only enable us to sustain our commitment to innovation and education but will also empower us to continue cultivating a movement rooted in community and self-care.”

Image: The Honey Pot Company

Dixon adds: “I continue to be humbled by the journey of The Honey Pot Co., and I hope that both the creation of this business and where it stands today serve as a reminder that while doors are often closed, there is always space for passionate and visionary entrepreneurs. That space doesn’t have to be explored alone, either. Partnerships and investments, both big and small, enable the opportunity for your business to blossom and reach its full potential. We want to thank our prior investment partners, New Voices Fund and VMG Partners, for allowing us to do just that and for their tremendous trust and support as we have expanded our business to reach more humans in the past five years.”

CEO of Compass Diversified, Elias Sabo, comments: “Beatrice and her team have done an amazing job building The Honey Pot Co. into a leading feminine care brand that has distinctive category ownership and unique brand positioning. They have a strong leadership team, an efficacious line of products, and a track record of impressive innovation and category disruption. We believe they have tremendous growth opportunities on the horizon. This partnership is a testament to the importance of brands built on dedication to innovative products and fostering community. We are so excited to provide The Honey Pot Co. with the resources necessary to bring it closer to its goal of serving more people by being the number one ‘better-for-you’ personal care brand in the world.”

The transaction, scheduled to be finalized in February, and subject to standard closing conditions, represents a strategic collaboration between the two companies. The Honey Pot Company’s focus on empowering consumers and promoting well-being aligns with Compass Diversified’s investment philosophy, which centers on supporting businesses with a strong potential for growth and market influence. The partnership signals a significant advancement in the feminine care market, emphasizing the increasing demand for holistic and health-conscious product options.

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