BoobyBiome Founding Team. Image: BoobyBiome

BoobyBiome, a UK-based startup headquartered in the Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, is on a mission to transform infant health for generations to come. Founded by three female entrepreneurs with expertise in microbiology, neuroscience, chemistry, and biophysics, BoobyBiome is advancing the field of infant feeding by harnessing the power of the breast milk microbiome.

Since its inception in 2019, BoobyBiome has been dedicated to addressing the disparity in infant feeding, ensuring that every baby, whether breastfed or not, can benefit from the protective effects of the breast milk microbiome. This microbiome plays a crucial role in strengthening infant immune defenses against diseases and promoting lifelong health.

Dr. Sioned Jones, Dr. Tara O’Driscoll, and Dr. Lydia Mapstone, the co-founders of BoobyBiome, embarked on this journey out of concern for the rising incidence of infant diseases linked to inadequate microbiome development. Drawing on their extensive academic backgrounds, they set out to explore the untapped potential of the breast milk microbiome.

Over the past five years, BoobyBiome has been focused on directional research, establishing the world’s first breast milk microbiome database and biobank. Through meticulous analysis of breast milk bacteria, they have uncovered novel insights that are driving the development of innovative products aimed at optimizing infant microbiome health.

Central to BoobyBiome’s success is the collaboration with hundreds of women who have generously donated their breast milk for research purposes. To date the company has secured over £2 million in grant awards, including Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst, Smart Grant, and Women in Innovation, and has received support from investors like Venrex and Discovery Park Ventures.

BoobyBiome’s first product, set to launch soon, is a baby bottle accessory designed to enhance the quality of pumped and stored breast milk while preserving its natural microbiome and extending shelf life. They are also developing a cutting-edge microbiome supplement containing a community of bacteria isolated from breast milk, combined with prebiotic sugars naturally present in breast milk. This supplement aims to improve the health outcomes of formula-fed, c-section-born, or preterm babies.

With these innovative products and future developments, BoobyBiome aims to provide every baby with access to the benefits of the breast milk microbiome, ensuring equal opportunities for a healthy future.

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