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Bone Health Technologies (BHT), a medtech company specializing in noninvasive and drug-free solutions for low bone density, has announced the awarding of its fifth U.S. patent for Osteoboost. Osteoboost is the first and only FDA-cleared prescription medical device designed to treat osteopenia.

The newly granted patent, US 12,016,790 B2, titled “Wearable Apparatus for the Treatment or Prevention of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis,” details BHT’s precision-targeted vibration therapy. This technology is clinically proven to reduce bone density and strength loss in the lumbar spine of postmenopausal women.

“More than half of the devastating, life-altering fragility fractures happen to the 52 million patients with osteopenia who, prior to Osteoboost, had limited treatment options,” said Laura Yecies, CEO at Bone Health Technologies. “Early intervention at the osteopenia stage to stop the loss of bone is critical to enabling women to stay strong, active, and fracture-free as they age. Doctors desperately need innovation to change the trajectory of this often silent but dangerous condition for postmenopausal women. This patent recognizes the unique approach of our vibration therapy, and will further help us bring Osteoboost to market later this year.”

In addition to the patent news, BHT has also announced the appointment of two new executives. Co-founder Michael Jaasma returns as chief scientific officer and vice president of clinical and regulatory affairs, and Daniel Beeler joins as vice president of operations.

“Both Mike and Dan bring decades of experience in medical devices and medtech science to the company, and they couldn’t be joining at a better time. We have thousands of patients waiting for Osteoboost to launch and their experience will make that happen faster,” said Yecies. “We are thrilled for Mike Jaasma to return to the Bone Health family. He was a core member of the early development team for Osteoboost and continued to advise us during the lengthy clinical trial and FDA clearance processes. His expertise in orthopedic biomechanics and the use of vibration to stimulate bones is unparalleled. And Dan Beeler is a mission-driven leader with deep medtech experience and operational excellence at scale. His knowledge and experience will be critical to leading us through launch and growth phases with provider, insurance, and patient audiences.”

Jaasma commented: “The potential for Osteoboost to help solve a critical public health crisis has always been an inspiring mission for me, both personally and professionally. Laura and the team have driven the science and technology we developed through the lengthy go-to-market regulatory hurdle. I couldn’t be happier to see all of the collective efforts coming to fruition and join the company as we continue expanding indications for Osteoboost and innovating for the future.”

Beeler shared: “I am excited to join BHT at such a pivotal time in its journey. The innovative vibration therapy technology behind Osteoboost will help millions of people. I look forward to working with this talented team to build a strong foundation for future scale and success and help launch Osteoboost as quickly as possible.”

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