GC Aesthetics, a company specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of breast implants and medical devices, has launched a new product aimed at improving breast reconstruction for women. The FixNip Nipple and Areola Reconstruction Implant (NRI) addresses a significant clinical need by providing a long-term aesthetic solution.

FixNip NRI features a biocompatible smooth silicone structure with a floral-shaped nitinol frame. This design allows the implant to be folded for minimal incision and then restored to its original shape once inserted. The minimally invasive procedure, taking an average of 15 minutes, has demonstrated high patient satisfaction, minimal downtime, and a good safety profile.

“The NAC reconstruction procedure should be considered an integral part of breast reconstructive surgery,” says French Plastic Surgeon Prof. Dr. Michael Atlan. “It gives women an important psychological contribution and leads to greater wellbeing, overall sense of self, and high satisfaction after being reconstructed.”

GC Aesthetics has launched FixNip NRI across major European territories and plans to extend availability to Latin America, Central Europe, and Asia. This expansion aims to provide a new option for women undergoing mastectomies and to improve the standards of breast reconstruction surgery.

Carlos Reis Pinto, CEO of GC Aesthetics, comments: “We are committed to delivering safe options that establish a newer, higher, and more beneficial standard of care for women who seek total breast reconstruction. FixNip by GC Aesthetics represents an important addition to our range of solutions dedicated to women’s aesthetic healthcare.”

Fara Naomi Macías, CMO of GCA, adds: “At GCA, we believe a Total Breast Reconstruction is not only a choice but a pathway for women to a full recovery after a mastectomy. We are extremely proud of adding this product to our portfolio and what it will represent for reconstructive and plastic surgeons and the lives of thousands of women.”

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