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Almond is on a mission to re-invent OB-GYN care and create a “one stop shop” for birthing people. It’s goal is to do for OB/GYN what One Medical has done for primary care. To build towards this vision, the company has now raised $7M in seed funding led by True Ventures. Almond also graduated from Y Combinator a few months ago. The new funds will be used to grow its existing clinic, further develop the platform and explore expansion in the U.S.

Co-founder Tara Raffi told TechCrunch: “The patient experience today is slow, it’s incomplete, and ultimately it’s delivering not great outcomes. We are under-delivering as a country. [Almond] is coming in and modernizing the OB-GYN office.”

Almond currently offers pregnancy planning, birth control counseling, infections, general wellness, period management and sexual health services. Before coming to the appointment, patients fill out a health questionnaire and go over reasons for the visit so that the actual consultations are more productive. Almond also offers consultations via telehealth. An annual subscription currently costs $250 and buys you access to the company’s platform, care team and personalized treatment plans.; insurance will be billed for visits and labs. Those without insurance can pay out-of-pocket to use the company’s services.

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