Women’s Healthcare Company Agile Therapeutics has partnered with telehealth company Pandia Health to offer an additional point of access to Twirla, the company’s birth control patch. Plan is for Twirla to be available through Pandia later this year.

Pandia Health offers convenient prescription fulfillment for women with active birth control prescriptions, as well as access to expert birth control doctors who can provide prescriptions through asynchronous online visits. All patients receive free delivery of their birth control.

The use of telehealth in contraceptive care has grown over the past several years and has come into the spotlight during the COVID-19 pandemic. A recent article in the reproductive health journal Contraception examined trends in how women accessed contraceptive care during the COVID-19 pandemic, finding a decrease for in-person visits and a subsequent increase in the use of telehealth. A 2020 report by the Guttmacher Institute found that 24 percent of women using the pill reported that, because of the pandemic, they had switched to a telemedicine appointment with their health care provider to have their prescription refilled.

“The telehealth channel is growing in importance, and our goal was to find a partner that shares our values and focus on women’s health. We are thrilled to partner with Pandia Health, a truly innovative leader in this space, and we think this relationship allows Agile to offer another point of access to Twirla as more women choose telehealth for their contraceptive needs,” said Amy Welsh, Vice President of Marketing at Agile Therapeutics. “The team at Pandia shares our commitment to listening — and responding — to what women need with regard to their birth control options.”

“Pandia Health’s mission is to make women’s lives easier by bringing birth control to women wherever they have internet and a mailbox,” said Dr. Sophia Yen, founder of Pandia Health. “As the only doctor-led, women-founded, women-led birth control delivery company, we are excited to partner with a women’s healthcare company like Agile Therapeutics to pursue affordable access to another method of birth control.”

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