Following last week’s Inner Circle Webinar on maternal health innovation, today it’s time for a follow-up and closer look at this critical field in our weekly brief. If you missed last week’s session: Don’t you worry, we’ll also share access to the recording with you.Let’s jump right in and delve deeper into this important topic. 👇
 Maternal health is a key component in shaping the health of future generations and the overall well-being of communities. Over the past months and years maternal care has emerged as a crucial area of focus in femtech and women’s health. This importance is underpinned by the need to increase availability and accessibility of life-saving solutions that are currently under-utilized, the economic benefits that stem from improved maternal health, and also the positive impact such investments have on the effectiveness of healthcare systems.
Despite advancements in healthcare, we continue to confront challenges especially when it comes to maternal health. These include limited access to quality prenatal care, gaps in healthcare infrastructure, and the shortage of skilled professionals. Additionally, disparities in health outcomes due to racial and socioeconomic factors, high maternal mortality and morbidity rates, and insufficient mental health support are critical areas that also require more attention.

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