Oh wow, oh wow! What a ride it’s been these past couple of days! You may (or may not) have heard, but we recently launched our premium offering, the Inner Circle, and we really couldn’t be more grateful for the many of you who have already signed up and support us on our mission of covering and connecting the women’s health ecosystem!

As part of our new offering we are now sharing our 5-minute takes on different areas of femtech and women’s health innovation on a regular basis. At Femtech Insider we talk women’s health innovation all day every day and these short reports are our way to condense hundreds of hours of research into short briefs, that help you get an overview of a particular area of the women’s health space.

This month, we’re covering with Birth Control! If you’d like to get an overview who is innovating in the area of contraception and how they’re doing it, our latest brief is a great place to start!

This brief is available for download free of charge for Inner Circle Members in our Inner Circle Member Hub or as a stand-alone purchase.

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