A lot has happened since the humble beginnings of Femtech Insider in 2019 and today I’m excited to finally share that we’re starting a new chapter and launching our premium offering, the “Femtech Insider Inner Circle”. From day one our mission has been to be a trusted voice in the women’s health innovation space. This new offer allows us to continue to drive the conversation forward while serving this community of innovators in the best possible way.

Since the inception of this platform there’ve been many ups and downs, wins and moments of learning for me as a founder, tons of moments of connecting with the many amazing humans in our ecosystem. Those who know me, have probably heard me talk about ideas for a premium offering for a while. I’ve been hesitant, talked to many of you about what you’re missing and what you wish existed. I’ve been white boarding a lot. Made plans. Changed plans. Got excited. Had doubts. Went back and forth. Know that feeling when you know you’re onto something, but it’s just not quite right? Yah… so this has pretty much been me when thinking about what our community needs and what would be a real value we can add to the women’s health innovation ecosystem. This one has been a long time in the making and today I am beyond thrilled to share the launch of “The Femtech Insider Inner Circle” with you.

So what’s this “Inner Circle” all about?

At Femtech Insider we do our best to cover the women’s health innovation space as holistically as possible on our platform and in our weekly newsletter, but over the past months I’ve realized… well… it’s… a lot. The idea behind our premium offering is to help you cut to the chase and stay up to date on the latest trends, developments, and opportunities.

In short: The Femtech Insider Inner Circle is your backstage pass to women’s health innovation.

Joining our inner circle allows you to have your finger on the pulse to learn about the latest trends in women’s health innovation before the mainstream media picks up on them. Here at Femtech Insider we live and breathe women’s health innovation all day every day and we want YOU to benefit from our insights. Essentially we want to make it easier for you to cut through the noise and become an expert on women’s health innovation. Simple, effective and straight to the point.

Joining our Inner Circle is also a way to support the work that goes into researching and writing hundreds of free articles, publishing our weekly newsletter and maintaining our large database of information and content. Your membership helps make Femtech Insider a sustainable platform.

What to expect?

Members-only Newsletters. A subscription to our monthly Femtech Insider “Inner Circle” newsletter, where we take a closer look at the companies, founders, funders, news and insights that caught our attention and share what we’re excited about that’s happening in our space.

5-Minute Reports. Once a month, we’ll take a closer look at a specific topic (a condition, ecosystem…) from the world of women’s health innovation and break it down for you. We transform 100s of hours of research into industry reports you can digest in 5 minutes.

Virtual Events. Attend our fireside chats, where we explore women’s health innovation in more detail with those on top of the game in our field. We do our best to bring new voices into the conversation and the goal of these chats is for you to walk away with some actionable insights and food for thought.

Content & Video Library. Inner Circle members will get access to our growing library of 5-Minute Reports and recorded conversations. Our hub will grow over time.

Get Featured. Each month we’ll ask our Inner Circle to weigh in on various topics that the Femtech Insider team is working on editorially. It’s your chance to get featured and position yourself as an expert or ask your questions.

You’re a Femtech Insider! As an Inner Circle Member you support our work and help us drive the conversation around women’s health innovation forward. Your membership helps make Femtech Insider a sustainable platform.

Have a Say! Our Inner Circle Offering will expand over time and we will be sure to take our members’ needs and preferences into account as we evolve.

Want in?

Aaaand that’s it! If you’re interested in our premium offering you can subscribe below or learn more about our “Inner Circle” and the our offering here.

Inner Circle:
Annual Subscription

Investment: $ 150 / year

Whether you decide to join us or not, please know that I am incredible grateful for each and everyone of you, who has supported us on this journey of growing this platform. I truly hope you will get value from our new offering should you choose to subscribe and can’t wait to connect with you in our “Inner Circle” and beyond.

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