Springer Nature has announced a significant partnership with UN Women by joining the UN Women Media Compact, aimed at empowering women in science. This partnership is part of Springer Nature’s broader commitment to gender equity and women’s leadership.

With women comprising 44% of Springer Nature’s global leadership and achieving a 50/50 gender split on the management board, the company continues to evolve towards gender equality. The partnership with UN Women formalizes a year-long engagement around gender equity and aligns with the company’s goals of increasing women’s representation in media and leadership roles.

This collaboration also reinforces Springer Nature’s ongoing efforts to celebrate and support women researchers and scientists. In September, Springer Nature will host a virtual conference titled “Breaking Barriers for Gender and Health Equity Through Research.” Additionally, in October, the annual Inspiring Women in Science Awards will take place, with a pledge to increase the publication of research papers by women.

Jessica Gedamu, Vice President of Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Springer Nature, emphasized the importance of DEI in the company’s strategic priorities: “Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is one of our highest strategic priorities at Springer Nature. We are committed to advancing DEI across our company and through our publications and activities. This includes taking action to build an inclusive organization, and acknowledging the influence we can have through our published content and platforms. We reach millions of people every day – authors, researchers, readers, students – and can effect real change.”

Gedamu further highlighted the significance of joining the UN Women’s Compact. “We are proud to join the UN Women’s Compact. This partnership both aligns with our values and supports our mission: to accelerate solutions to the world’s greatest challenges by disseminating knowledge. As members we will continue to highlight the issues facing women around the world, and celebrate their many contributions to science, research and publishing.”

UN Women Deputy Executive Director Kirsi Madi welcomed the partnership, stating: “UN Women is delighted to welcome Springer Nature to the Media Compact. The power of your voice when you write an article or stand before the microphone or camera can critically contribute to driving women’s empowerment and gender equality. Joining efforts through the Media Compact partnership, UN Women and Springer Nature can make a greater impact.”

Springer Nature joins 94 active UN Women Media Compact members, including notable organizations like the Thomson Reuters Foundation, The Huffington Post, and the BBC 50:50 The Equality Project.

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