Global insurance company MAPFRE and femtech startup WOOM HEALTH have joined forces to improve women’s well-being and reproductive health. WOOM Health uses AI and machine learning techniques backed by medical professionals. The alliance seeks to foster, on behalf of women, a greater and better knowledge and understanding of the functioning and needs of their bodies in the different phases of their reproductive life.

WOOM HEALTH is a startup created by women with solutions for women, offers, among other services, close monitoring of the menstrual cycle. This is very helpful for key moments such as conception (using AI to identify potential fertility problems) and other life stages such as menopause. The project helps women better understand their bodies, using an accurate calendar that learns from each user’s cycle and predicts their next period and fertility stage (including the day of ovulation). In addition, the application uses algorithms that give access to relevant and personalized content (individualized articles, tips and videos) and allows each person to share their experiences, tips and questions about these and other topics, such as physical activity or mental health.

MAPFRE is an international insurance company that protects what matters most for 27 million clients worldwide. It is one of the main operators in the Spanish market and the largest Spanish-owned insurance company in the world. MAPFRE is the third largest insurance group in Latin America and ranks sixth in Europe in Non-Life premium volumes.

The collaboration between WOOM HEALTH and MAPFRE came about through insur_space, the insurance company’s fast-track-to-market program for startups. WOOM was selected from more than 200 initial startups. WOOM’s services will now be offered, in a personalized manner, to MAPFRE clients in different geographic areas, starting with Mexico and the Dominican Republic. MAPFRE “wants to serve its purpose of supporting people in taking on their personal challenges and, at the same time, contribute to breaking taboos about women’s health and well-being and make access to these kinds of services universal,” says Irene García, Assistant General Director of Business Development and Marketing at MAPFRE Asistencia.

WOOM boasts being the only company that collects and uses more than 100 male and female fertility parameters and metrics to calculate menstruation phases and fertility windows with maximum precision. In addition, it is the first women’s health application in Spanish, with a great potential for growth. Laurence Fontinoy and Clelia Morales, the startup’s founders and CEOs, point out that “as entrepreneurs, we think it is very important to research the players you enter into partnerships with, as it will directly influence the company’s future. Growth, agility and innovation can be crucial for a startup business, so we are very happy with our partnership with MAPFRE, which allows us to continue to grow our B2B model, gain scalability and bring value to your clients with a different product.”

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