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In a move to bolster its digital health initiatives, pharma company MEDICE Health Family has announced the acquisition of femfeel, a digital platform designed to support women through their menopause journey. This strategic acquisition aligns with MEDICE’s vision to go beyond traditional pharmaceuticals, aiming to enhance patients’ lives and provide physicians with innovative therapy options.

Founded within the MEDICE Health Family in 2023, medigital serves as the group’s digital health competency center. This entity brings together various digital health initiatives with a mission to plug care gaps, streamline health processes, and empower patients with greater autonomy. Dr. Richard Ammer, Managing Partner of MEDICE, shared: “Digital health solutions will continue to gain importance in the coming years. We see a lot of growth potential here and are excited to take an important step in this direction with the acquisition of femfeel.”

The femfeel app, since its inception in 2020, has emerged as a trusted companion for women navigating the challenges of menopause. It offers users a comprehensive suite of resources, from informative articles about menopause to symptom tracking and evaluation tools. By recognizing patterns and pinpointing symptom triggers, users can take informed actions. Moreover, the app boasts expert-curated courses focusing on exercise, nutrition, and stress management, all aimed at enhancing well-being during menopause.

MEDICE Health Family’s commitment to women’s health isn’t new. For years, their Remifemin preparations have been a trusted ally for women battling menopausal symptoms. The femfeel acquisition integrates with this commitment, providing a digital extension to their existing portfolio.

The journey of femfeel is a tale of innovation and determination. Starting merely three years ago in the shared apartment of its founders, Marie Reger and Janna Kraft, it was created from a recognized need. “Through our mothers, we noticed the significant taboo and lack of offerings concerning menopause,” shared the duo.

This acquisition, according to MEDICE Health Family, is not just an investment in technology but a step towards a future where healthcare is more personalized, accessible, and effective.

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