“Have you ever thought about these issues before this video? I personally haven’t. I did know that menopause was pretty heavy and complicated, but i didn’t know about all these symptoms and difficulties.” is one of the first comments under Andrea Berchowitz’s recent TED talk “The link between menopause and gender inequity at work”.

Clearly Andrea’s talk hit a nerve as it got over 400,000 views within 48 hours and has been viewed almost 1,000,000 times by now. A sign that interest in menopause and women’s health overall is on the rise. Well. We certainly hope so and think it’s about time!

Hot flashes, joint pain, anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping — these unforgiving menopause symptoms directly impact work but often go overlooked and under-discussed as a taboo topic, says entrepreneur Andrea Berchowitz. She gives practical advice on how to create a menopause-friendly work culture that supports gender equity and diversity retention in the workplace.

Andrea Berchowitz is the founder of Vira Health. The startup recently announced a £1.5M seed round for its menopause platform. You can watch her talk on TED.com here.

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