Tulip, the world’s largest egg donor database and trusted resource for intended parents to find their ideal donor, today announced the closing of a $1.7 Million seed round.

Launched in November of 2020, Tulip has quickly amassed donors from 90% of the agencies in the U.S – with nearly 20,000 egg donors within its database. The user-friendly, online search platform helps intended parents navigate the once challenging process of finding an egg donor by offering them vast egg donor choices–both fresh and frozen, expert knowledge and coaching support.

Founded by the team that built Donor Concierge, the leading third-party fertility service, Tulip provides access to an array of donors and services through their immense network of fully-vetted agencies throughout the U.S. Tulip will soon offer access to surrogates and sperm donor options as well. In addition to extensive donor candidates, Tulip users gain access to medical clinics, expert legal advice, guidance, education and more.

“The response to Tulip in only a short period of time has been overwhelmingly positive and extremely gratifying,” said Co-founder and CEO Terrell Anderson. “With the closing of this investment round, we will continue to build upon our success, and do what we do best: helping intended parents make their dreams come true.”

Infertility affects 14 million women and men in the U.S., who collectively spend $17 billion annually on fertility services. But, the third-party fertility market has historically proven to be fragmented, opaque, confusing and expensive. 

“When entering into third-party fertility, the only thing that most fertility patients know is that they need a donor or a surrogate, said Co-founder & Chair Gail Sexton Anderson, a 25-year fertility industry expert. “In reality, what they need most is a team of professionals that may include a reproductive endocrinologist, a mental health professional, and financial and legal professionals. Tulip makes it easy for intended parents to find their ideal donor, and along the way provides much needed information and resources to help them on their hopeful journey.”

The Tulip platform is HIPAA compliant, and uses blockchain technology to protect personal data. Tulip also enables intended parents who prefer personalized and comprehensive fertility support to seamlessly transition to Donor Concierge, where an experienced team of case managers are available. In fact, many of the Donor Concierge case managers have themselves been egg donors and/or gestational carriers, as well as parents of children conceived via egg donation and surrogacy. 

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