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Fertility tech company TMRW Life Sciences has introduced CryoLink, a workstation designed to facilitate the digital management of frozen specimen inventories in fertility clinics. This solution allows clinics to integrate TMRW’s Digital Specimen Management system into their existing storage infrastructure, offering a safe and efficient upgrade to their current processes.

Previously, access to TMRW’s Digital Specimen Management system was limited to clinics that adopted the company’s automated storage platforms. CryoLink now provides clinics with the flexibility to utilize TMRW’s advanced management system with a variety of storage options, including traditional storage tanks.

“The launch of CryoLink lowers the barriers for fertility clinics to improve legacy storage systems that are under severe strain from an explosion in storage needs,” said Louis Villalba, Chief Executive Officer at TMRW. “More than a million frozen eggs and embryos are put into storage every year in the United States, a number that could grow 10-fold in the coming years. Clinics need a digital solution now to safely manage their inventories and scale successfully.”

CryoLink now enables TMRW’s Digital Specimen Management system to be used with a wide range of storage options thereby enabling easier, faster adoption by clinics. CryoLink can be used with TMRW’s automated storage platforms, TMRW’s offsite storage facilities and/or traditional storage tanks currently used by fertility clinics.

TMRW’s Digital Specimen Management system has three main components. The first is the CryoBeacon, a specimen vessel that contains an RFID tracking chip. The second is ivfOS, which includes TMRW’s proprietary and intuitive specimen management software (SMS). And the third is CryoLink, a digital workstation that scans CryoBeacons, enables access to ivfOS, and facilitates the digital chain of custody.

TMRW’s Digital Specimen Management system offers fertility clinics an immediate and easily adoptable way to upgrade their onsite labs from outdated, manual systems that pre-date computers, the internet and the cloud to a modern, digital system. It also enables a truly unique offsite storage experience that provides instant inventory and paperless processing.

“Every fertility clinic in America should be taking a hard look at their storage safety protocols and upgrading to state-of-the-art technology that helps reduce the risk of egg/embryo damage, mix-up and loss,” said Lori Batta, Chief Operating Officer at TMRW.

The benefits include some of the most important improvements in storage of the 21st century, including RFID-enabled tracking and tracing, EMR integration, digital chain of custody and audit trails, and coordination with lab witnessing products. These benefits not only allow clinics to locate specimens quickly and easily, but they eliminate the need for annual manual inventories, reduce paperwork, and integrate fully with patient EMRs. Along with these benefits, CryoLink also helps clinics reduce the risk of costly errors like specimen loss or mix-up and HIPAA violations that can result from manual operations.

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