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MOLLI Surgical, a company active in surgical innovation, has unveiled its latest breakthrough: OncoPen, a novel surgical tool designed to enhance precision and confidence in breast cancer surgery. The launch of OncoPen represents a significant advancement in minimally invasive surgery and promises improved outcomes for patients battling breast cancer.

The OncoPen is seamlessly integrated with the MOLLI 2 System, providing surgeons with sophisticated tools to precisely target and remove cancerous lesions. Unlike traditional techniques that rely on wires, OncoPen offers directional 3D guidance, eliminating the need for wires and providing increased flexibility for surgeons. The procedure involves pre-surgical placement of a tiny MOLLI Marker near the tumor, allowing surgeons to navigate with real-time 3D guidance on the MOLLI Tablet to the precise location of the lesion. This precision enables targeted lesion removal, smaller incisions, preservation of healthy tissue, and potentially improved cosmetic outcomes.

Dr. Jaime Alberty, Director of The Comprehensive Breast Center at NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County, shares: “The OncoPen is truly exciting. The pen-like design complements our workflow seamlessly, further enhancing the capabilities of the MOLLI 2 System. This combination boosts my confidence in our ability to tackle cancer with unmatched precision. It’s not just about technology; these tools empower us to deliver effective and compassionate care.”

“At MOLLI Surgical, our relentless focus is on the patient, placing their well-being at the core of all our efforts,” said Ananth Ravi, President and CEO of MOLLI Surgical. “We’ve dedicated ourselves to solving real clinical challenges, driven by a commitment to making a tangible difference in patient care. We’re profoundly grateful for the opportunity to improve the patient experience and continue to advance the field of surgical oncology with our innovations.”

Louise Temerty, breast cancer survivor and board member of MOLLI Surgical, adds a personal perspective to the company’s mission stating: “From the beginning, enhancing the patient experience with innovative surgical tools has been our guiding star. The OncoPen exemplifies this, leaving no scar behind – a symbol of our dedication to not just physical recovery, but emotional well-being too.”

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