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TBD Health, a hybrid sexual healthcare provider known for its innovative clinical care, is expanding into the B2B healthcare market. This strategic move allows digital health companies such as FOLX Health and Wisp to leverage TBD Health’s comprehensive STD/STI at-home test kits, diagnostic laboratory services, and clinical care hubs.

The collaboration aims to provide equitable, stigma-free, and reliable healthcare, according to Stephanie Estey, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of TBD Health. By partnering with digital health leaders like FOLX Health and Wisp, TBD Health ensures broader access to essential sexual health services.

FOLX Health, a service provider for the LGBTQIA+ community, will incorporate TBD Health’s at-home STD/STI kits into its offerings. The partnership also allows FOLX Health to utilize TBD Health’s laboratory services, which promise expedited STD and STI testing results. This collaboration is set to enhance the level of care FOLX Health provides to its members, ensuring timely and confidential healthcare services.

Similarly, Wisp, known for its sexual and reproductive health services, will direct its telehealth patients to TBD Health’s Care Hubs in Denver and Las Vegas. This partnership provides Wisp patients with direct access to TBD Health’s inclusive and non-judgmental sexual healthcare services, including STI testing, PrEP prescriptions, UTI treatments, and other sexual health services.

These partnerships underline TBD Health’s commitment to offering comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare. The company, with its Care Hubs in Denver and Las Vegas and its at-home STD and STI testing kits, continues to expand its reach, ensuring access to crucial healthcare services across the country.

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