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Clue, a period tracking and reproductive health app and smart ring technology company ŌURA have announced a new integration. This partnership combines Clue’s menstrual health tracking with ŌURA’s biometric sensing capabilities, aiming to enhance personal health management and research in female health.

The new integration allows iOS users of the Clue app to connect with the Oura Ring for tracking body temperature trends. One of the areas Clue and ŌURA are aiming to focus on in their research efforts is perimenopause. Clue recently launched its Perimenopause mode to help women and people with cycles better navigate their transition to menopause.

Clue CEO, Audrey Tsang, shared: “As companies rooted in evidence-based science, we know the power of combining health knowledge and self-knowledge to empower women and people with cycles to take charge of their health. This is just the beginning of what’s possible through this partnership. We are most excited about the unique opportunity we have here to help illuminate some of the blind spots in female health with extremely impactful health research.”

Clue Chief Product Officer, Rhiannon White, added: “Being able to seamlessly track and see temperature trends within the context of other cycle data in the Clue app can offer helpful insight into your body’s unique patterns. After rigorous testing, our Science and Product teams found the continuous temperature measurement by Oura Ring on the underside of the finger offered a holistic view of temperature fluctuations in the body throughout the cycle.”

ŌURA Chief Commercial OfficerDorothy Kilroy commented: “Women’s health continues to be a major area of focus for our brand, and we are excited to be working with a major leader in the space to help women better understand their bodies.”

Beyond temperature trends, the Clue and ŌURA teams are already working on expanding the integration to further biometric data such as sleep tracking in the near future.

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