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Tabu, a Santa Barbara based sexual wellness company made primarily for women in peri-to post-menopause, just announced that The Kit will be sold on goop. Tabu is committed to helping women embrace sexual wellness routines as a natural way to address common menopausal symptoms including vaginal atrophy, dryness, low libido, incontinence, stress, and more.

Tabu was founded by Natalie Waltz, who initially bootstrapped the company and quickly gained early traction around Mother’s Day of this year. The conversations Tabu was starting across generations were resonating. Throughout the spring, Natalie participated in Human Ventures Humans in the Wild program and joined the Human portfolio at the end of the program, getting Tabu’s first institutional capital of $500K. 

Tabu has been designed in partnership with clinicians, therapists, and a cohort of women (ages 41 – 71). The Kit includes a personal massager that simulates the function of a dilator, lubricant made of organic ingredients, and educational content.

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