SWORD Health, known for tis digital musculoskeletal care offering, is entering the women’s health market with the launch of Bloom, a at-home physical health therapy solution for women.

In the US alone, one in every four women suffer from pelvic health disorders. These conditions include sexual health, bowel or bladder and pelvic pain disorders, which can be present through all stages of a women’s life, including pregnancy, post partum, menopause. Bloom will support with a non-invasive solution to improve the pelvic floor function and to help reduce chronic pain and dysfunction which can decrease the need for painkillers or prematurely recommended invasive options, like surgery.

Bloom combines clinical-grade, innovative technology with the human guidance of a Pelvic Health Specialist to create a comprehensive therapy solution to help women dealing with pelvic health conditions in the convenience of their homes. This new solution is able to address disparities in women’s physical health by creating technology that provides a personalized way to assess the needs of every woman. Bloom is currently the only sensor-based digital solution coupled with clinical guidance from experienced Pelvic Health Specialists to provide a service that is truly first of its kind.

SWORD Health CEO Virgilio Bento explains: “Women’s physical health has been an overlooked problem in healthcare for decades. Right now, one in every four women suffer from pelvic disorders, without being able to access a solution that is both clinically effective and convenient. That’s why we’ve decided to launch Bloom:we believe every woman should be able to have access to the best care and not suffer in silence. After developing the new gold standard of care for back and joint pain, Bloom is our next step towards fulfilling our mission to free two billion people from pain.”

Bloom provides care to patients, who are suffering from pelvic pain, bowel, bladder or sexual health disorders, as well as those going through pregnancy, postpartum, or menopause.

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