Family health and benefits startup Cleo, which works with companies like Salesforce and Pinterest, has recently announced a series of features and initiatives that focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, aimed at improving health outcomes for all parents and providing inclusive resources for BIPOC and LGBTQ individuals. 

“Historically, healthcare has had a very broken relationship with BIPOC and other minoritized groups, who the medical community has a legacy of not only dismissing, but actively harming. Cleo strives to close this gap of care and repair the broken trust of healthcare in these communities by making resources more available and our experience as inclusive as possible, no matter one’s background or identity”, shares Cleo Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer Dr. Chitra Akileswaran.

Among the 8 new features and programs launched last week are:

  • Partnership with Culture Care: connecting Black birthing people and parents to resources, support, and clinical care that address the unique systemic obstacles, health risks, and societal biases they may encounter on their family-building journey.
  • Perinatal mental health: beginning with an in-app survey for members to evaluate their risks for depression and anxiety during pregnancy and after birth. Cleo Guides follow up with helpful advice, schedule regular emotional wellness checks, and/or connect them to an in-network or covered mental health specialist.
  • Cleo manager training: offering customers free access to Cleo Manager Training, which encourages inclusive support from the top down within an organization.

If you’d like to learn more you can do so on Cleo’s blog here.

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