Rosy Founder & CEO Dr. Lyndsey Harper. Image: Rosy

In a strategic move to broaden its scope, Rosy, led by Dr. Lyndsey Harper, is expanding its platform beyond sexual wellness to encompass various aspects of women’s health. This expansion targets areas such as endometriosis, fibroids, menopause, migraines, and more, aiming to provide comprehensive support for women across all stages of life.

Rosy’s initiative is rooted in the recognition of unmet needs within women’s healthcare and a commitment to filling critical gaps. By offering evidence-based solutions and support for a diverse range of health concerns, including low libido, menopausal symptoms, and conditions like PCOS and endometriosis, Rosy seeks to empower women with accessible and personalized care.

An integral part of Rosy’s expansion is the introduction of Quickies (see video below), a free service facilitating direct communication between healthcare providers and patients through engaging video content. Quickies deliver educational insights in a casual and relatable format, vetted by Rosy’s in-house medical team. Already embraced by over 200 healthcare providers during the beta phase, Quickies hold promise for advancing women’s health education and literacy.

Dr. Lyndsey Harper, CEO, and Founder of Rosy, emphasized the platform’s evolution, stating: “The women’s health community has been seeking a single platform to consolidate evidence-based solutions for a wider range of women’s health issues under one roof. With more than 250,000 Rosy users and over 11% of OB/GYNs now recommending the platform to their patients, we are well-positioned to be this comprehensive resource for women.”

Rosy’s journey began in 2019 when Dr. Harper, a practicing Ob/Gyn, identified the unmet needs of patients grappling with sexual health concerns. Armed with evidence-based solutions and insights gained during her ISSWSH fellowship in sexual wellness, she founded Rosy to bridge the gap between clinical care and holistic support for women’s sexual health. Since then, Rosy has garnered support from investors, raised over $5 million in funding, and established partnerships with industry leaders like Roche and Plug and Play’s Startup Creasphere.

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