Image: Rosebud Woman

Bloomingdale’s made the news about a year ago when the department store launched a sexual wellness online shop. And that shop now also sells Rosebud Woman, an inclusive brand known for its intimate moisturizers and other body care, marking the first topical peri- and menopause line within the shop.

“We’re delighted that our V-care and performance body care products are available at Bloomingdale’s, and thrilled to see the category expanding and being accepted by prestigious mainstream retailers,” says Rosebud Woman founder Christine Mason. “Intimate Wellness is more than Sexual Wellness. This is why we coined and call the category Intimate Wellness, and why we serve the daily, monthly and cyclical needs of a woman’s most intimate skin.”

Michelle Fetsch, VP, Brand Partnerships, says: “When we started four years ago, retailers weren’t sure that this category was viable. Now we know: every woman alive has an intimate need at some point in her life and the normalization will remove any remaining discomfort. Bloomingdale’s commitment represents great progress.”

The Rosebud Woman line is now available on and is shipping to customers across the USA and Canada.

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