Fertility and family-building benefits provider Kindbody is acquiring Phosphorus Labs, a preventative genomics company. The acquisition and addition of Phosphorus’s state-of-the-art reference laboratory will bring Kindbody’s genetic testing and screening in-house to deliver a seamless continuum of patient care. The Phosphorus team of critical intellectual capital geneticists and lab technicians will join Kindbody as its new KindLabs division. Just a few months ago Kindbody acquired Vios Fertility, a network of fertility clinics, which brought the company to unicorn status.

Phosphorus has built a verticalized genetic testing platform, from wet lab chemistry to software and bioinformatics, and provides comprehensive, medical-grade genetic tests at price points helping to democratize access to genomic information.

“I’m excited to welcome the Phosphorus team to the Kindbody family. With KindLabs, our patients will experience a seamless integration of high-quality genetic testing services,” said Dr. Dean Morbeck, Chief Scientific Officer at Kindbody. “In addition to providing an opportunity to bring existing diagnostic testing in-house, KindLabs enables us to further our mission to control costs and improve patient experience and outcomes by developing and integrating new diagnostic solutions.”

Prior to the acquisition, Kindbody has outsourced Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A) and Expanded Carrier Screening (ECS). Through the creation of KindLabs, the company will bring genetic testing and screening in-house later this year. Kindbody’s Chief Genomics Officer, Dr. Amber Cooper, commented, “This acquisition allows us to incorporate genomics into our everyday patient care, helping Kindbody build healthy families now and in the future. I am very happy to welcome the team to KindLabs and am honored to work alongside this talented team.”

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