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Medical device company Owen Mumford has recently announced the acquisition of Empelvic, a brand specializing in pelvic floor cushion technology. This strategic move aims to bolster Owen Mumford’s pelvic and sexual health portfolio, catering to the growing demand for accessible at-home solutions for intimate health conditions.

Empelvic, founded in Denmark by Gry Senderovitz and Michael Severinsen, offers a non-invasive pelvic floor cushion designed to enhance awareness and strengthen pelvic muscles. The cushion’s ergonomic design facilitates gentle muscle engagement and relaxation, aiding in the treatment of conditions such as stress incontinence, vaginismus, and erectile dysfunction.

Adam Mumford, Director of medical devices at Owen Mumford, said: “The acquisition of Empelvic reinforces our commitment to comprehensive health solutions for intimate conditions. By combining Owen Mumford’s global expertise with Empelvic’s innovative product, we aim to provide enhanced support and choices for individuals seeking pelvic health solutions.”

Empelvic Co-founder Gry Senderovitz added: “As a company with roots in Denmark, this strategic move allows us to leverage Owen Mumford’s extensive reach and resources, ultimately enhancing our ability to serve individuals seeking pelvic health solutions in Scandinavia and beyond. We look forward to the positive impact this acquisition will have on the lives of many as we continue our mission to make a meaningful difference in pelvic health and wellbeing.”

Empelvic’s product will join Owen Mumford’s existing pelvic and sexual health portfolio, which includes the Amielle Comfort and Care vaginal dilators and the Rapport vacuum therapy device.

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