Reproductive Health startup OvaryIt is launching the OvaryIt Foundation, a Not-for-Profit with a mission to increase access to contraceptive and family planning services and advance women’s health through Education, Research, and Advocacy.

The Foundation has established partnerships with leading domestic violence shelters, anti-human trafficking organizations and is currently working to build relationships with re-entry programs for those released from incarceration. In addition, funds donated to the OvaryIt Foundation are used to pay for contraceptive services, in-person care at partner clinics, education, and contraceptive solutions, including long-acting, reversible options.

Mary Kucek, Founder and CEO of OvaryIt, explains: “There is still much to be done, but this is a step in the right direction. Many survivors of abuse do not have insurance or want to visit a State-sponsored health site. Often, these individuals do not want to bring attention to themselves, thus foregoing their health care. We want to bring them out of the shadows, without judgment, and remind them their health and individuality matter.”

The Foundation aims to increase health literacy through readily available, easy-to-use modalities. The goal is to provide age-appropriate, medically accurate sexual and reproductive health education to all groups. Dr. Devin Bustin, CMO of OvaryIt, stated “For many of these individuals, this may be their first experience exercising autonomy over their own body, including family planning, so access and education are key. Our goal is to provide a health education foundation, so individuals are empowered to communicate effectively, advocate for themselves, and improve their lifelong health journey.”

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