Smart ring maker ŌURA has recently launched Pregnancy Insights, a new feature designed to provide expectant mothers with comprehensive data-driven support throughout their pregnancy journey.

Pregnancy entails significant physiological changes, impacting everything from sleep patterns to biometric markers. To address the unique needs of pregnant women, ŌURA‘s Science team utilized aggregate and de-identified member data to understand how these markers evolve during gestation. This information forms the basis of insights and educational resources within the Pregnancy Insights feature.

Led by Dr. Neta Gotlieb, ŌURA’s team aims to equip pregnant members with knowledge about their bodies and health. “Pregnancy is one of the most physiologically significant events in many members’ lives,” she says. “Our goal with this feature is to equip our pregnant members to better know their bodies and take care of their health accordingly. And we’re just getting started — we’ll continue to iterate and develop this feature based on our members’ input.” 

Image: OURA

The new pregancy feature offers:

  • Gestational Age & Insight Messages: Weekly updates on gestational age and insights into physiological changes, such as fluctuations in resting heart rate and sleep quality.
  • Educational Content: Evidence-based resources covering topics like how vitals and sleep patterns may change during pregnancy.
  • Anonymous Feedback Section: A platform for users to share feedback, ensuring continuous improvement of the feature.

Accessible through the Women’s Health settings in the ŌURA app, Pregnancy Insights represents a step towards personalized healthcare solutions for women at every stage of their pregnancy journey.

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