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ŌURA, known for its Oura Ring, and Cronometer, a nutrition tracking app, have recently announced a collaborative feature for menstrual cycle tracking. This partnership integrates ŌURA’s Cycle Insights into the Cronometer app, aiming to provide a detailed understanding of menstrual health.

This new feature allows users who have both the Oura Ring and Cronometer app to track various aspects of their menstrual cycle, such as the luteal and follicular phases, body temperature changes, and associated symptoms. The goal is to correlate menstrual health data with other health metrics, offering users a broader perspective on their overall health.

Aaron Davidson, the CEO of Cronometer, shares: “We hope that this new feature unlocks a world of insights around women’s health. Being able to chart and visualize the impact a cycle phase has on health data like nutritional intake, sleep, energy, mood and more will be eye-opening for women.”

At present, the feature’s full benefits are accessible only to those who own an Oura Ring and use the Cronometer app. However, future updates are expected to allow all Cronometer users to manually add their menstrual cycle data, broadening the feature’s accessibility.

Cronometer started as Davidson’s side project in 2005, and has grown into a widely-used health tracking app, recognized for its use of lab-analyzed data to ensure accuracy.

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