Vi Founder Marleen ten Damme. Image: Vi

Dutch startup Vi, which specializes in menopause support, has recently obtained an investment from NN Group, a Dutch financial services company. Vi’s mission is to assist the 1.8 million working women in the Netherlands who are navigating menopause, a phase that leaves about 90% of them feeling lost with questions and symptoms.

Vi’s app is designed to provide tailored support, information, and connections to qualified experts, addressing a crucial gap in menopause care and awareness. The startup is actively challenging the taboos surrounding menopause, traditionally seen as a private issue or just ‘a women’s issue.’ NN Group is an international financial services company that operates across 11 countries. With over 16,000 employees, the group provides a broad range of services, including retirement services, pensions, insurance, banking, and investments.

Marleen ten Damme, Founder of Vi, explains the company’s mission: “Tackling the menopause taboo is our starting point for Vi. We’re really happy that conversations about menopause have developed over the course of the last year. It’s time to support women and employers with the right services to bring this change to action. We aim to bring understanding and awareness about this phase through personalised and data-driven insights. Every woman experiences the menopause in her own unique way. That’s why our services are designed so that each woman can examine her own situation and receive advice that truly suits her.”  

Launched in August 2023 for pilot users, Vi has now become an independent platform available to employers and employees as of January 2024. The startup was initially developed by NN Ventures, the corporate venture builder of NN Group, focusing on creating independent business models that complement life insurance and pension offerings. NN Group has taken a minority stake in the platform as a co-founder.

Jeroen Meijers, Head of NN Ventures, comments: “Female health has been under-invested, and it has a direct impact not only for women but the companies they work for. NN sees this important issue in society, and we are in a good position as a business to invest in Vi as a solution.”

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