NEXT Life Sciences is set to revolutionize contraception with Plan A, a safe, effective, and reversible birth control method for men. Responding to the growing demand for male contraceptives, NEXT aims to initiate clinical trials by the end of 2023.

Plan A utilizes Vasalgel, a proprietary hydrogel acquired by NEXT, to provide a reliable contraceptive solution for men. Instead of permanently cutting the vas deferens, the hydrogel acts as a flexible filter, blocking sperm flow and preventing pregnancy. Preclinical studies have shown rapid restoration of sperm flow after the hydrogel is dissolved and flushed from the vas deferens.

NEXT Life Sciences CEO L.R. Fox shares: “In developing Plan A, NEXT has seen increasing demand for male contraception and a growing interest among investors that see male contraception as an untapped field, ripe for innovation. Our goal for Plan A is to become men’s first choice for family planning.”

To support the development and commercialization of Plan A NEXT has raised $1.55M in funding and is now kicking off its first venture-backed priced equity round. Participants in the first round were not disclosed. NEXT is a Startup Health portfolio company.

The company’s next goal is to commence clinical trials by the end of 2023, bringing Plan A one step closer to market. By prioritizing safety, efficacy, and user-friendliness, NEXT aims to redefine family planning and provide men with a reliable and reversible birth control solution.

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