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“Practice Better was born from a need to solve my own challenge to sustainably build a client-centric nutrition practice, without sacrificing my well-being.” Nathalie Garcia, Founder & CEO of Practice Better

This Week’s Highlights

Woman-led practice management platform Practice Better adds $27M in funding to invest in growth.

Indian healthtech startup Bonatra acquires MyAva, a mobile-first women’s health and wellness platform.

TARA Mind, a mental health startup enabling safe and affordable access to psychedelic-assisted therapy, raises $3M in pre-seed funding.

Former Tinder CEO Renate Nyborg raises pre-seed funding for Amorai, a new AI-based GenZ relationship coaching app.

JPMorgan’s Morgan Health invests $25M in fertility benefits provider Kindbody.

Health Innovation Network launches “Accelerating Femtech”, a new initiative to boost innovation in women’s health in the UK

XR Health and Amelia Virtual Care merge to form VR healthtech platform XR Health.

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🩸 When it comes to talking about periods, the right words can change the conversation.

Thrive Agency have teamed up with linguists from the University of Nottingham to explore the language used by Gen Z and Millennial women when they talk about menstruation. This was compared to the language used by period product brands in their communications. The results expose stark differences and surprising similarities, highlighting how period shaming still slips through as well as the opportunities for brands to do better.

Read Thrive’s latest white paper “On the Blob: Millenials vs GenZs talk menstrual health” to discover why women:

  • Find many period brand campaigns to be unrealistic, annoying and uninformative
  • Think brands really don’t understand what they go through during their periods
  • Think brands focus too much on physical symptoms and ignore the wider emotional and hormonal impact of periods

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