Bonatra, a healthtech startup, has recently announced its acquisition of MyAva, a women’s health and wellness company. This move is aimed at expanding Bonatra’s holistic healthcare programs, and establishing it as a comprehensive platform for managing chronic health conditions.

MyAva is a femtech startup that offers curated programs and personalized plans to help women manage chronic health conditions such as PCOS, thyroid disorders, and insulin resistance. Founded in 2019 by Evelyn Immanuel, MyAva aims to empower women to improve their health and wellbeing through its innovative approach to women’s health and wellness.

Bonatra, an IoT startup, is led by doctors and focuses on treating and managing chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, PCOD, among others. The company uses personalized treatment that is determined by analyzing multiple data points and health parameters using various easy-to-use IoMT devices.

Bonatra was founded in April 2022 by Rahul Kishore Singh, Manjari Chandra, Ramanpreet Singh, and Amit Acharya, and combines clinical expertise with technology to provide comprehensive health solutions. In November 2022, the company raised Rs 5.5 crore (ca. $670K) in a pre-seed round round. Its platform offers personalized interventions for nutrition, lifestyle, and fitness, with a focus on balancing hormones and improving gut health. Additionally, Bonatra uses functional methods to address gut dysbiosis and heavy metal toxicity in the body.

Rahul Kishore Singh, CEO and Co-founder of Bonatra, explains: “Acquiring MyAva enables us to expand our reach and deepen our expertise in women’s health, specifically for conditions like PCOS. We have been closely working with and interacting with the MyAva team and we believe that this will be a good strategic fit for Bonatra.”

Evelyn Immanuel, Founder and CEO of MyAva, adds: “MyAva is elated to join Bonatra and further the vision of making chronic care management accessible to all women. We believe this further strengthens our combined commitment towards making femtech more inclusive and integrated.”

Bonatra is planning to launch new IoT devices, such as a smart ring, in the Indian market within the next six months to enhance its medical, data, and technology-based solutions.

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