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This Week’s Highlights

LunaJoy raises $2.4M in seed funding for its virtual clinic focused on women’s mental health.

Carallel adds $8.2M in Series A funding to expand its digital platform for caregivers.

Movano Health takes on OURA with Evie, its medical grade smart ring designed for women.

US pharmacies can now sell abortion pills.

Femtech Investment Round-up: December 2022

Femtech in 2022A Year in Headlines

In the Know

6 Questions about the Future – Part 1 (Femtech Insider)

Lesley Brown: How One Woman’s Courage Changed the Odds for Millions of People Struggling with Infertility (Femtech Insider)

Natural Cycles Co-Founder Dr Elina Berglund Scherwitzl: “Women will have less tolerance for products that have not been properly evaluated.” (Femtech Insider)

‘Why am I having to explain this?’: Seven stories of barriers to reproductive care for those with disabilities (STAT News)

The quest to show that biological sex matters in the immune system (MIT Technology Review)

First ‘Vagina-on-a-Chip’ Will Hep Researchers Test Drugs (Scientific America)

Research: Workplace Stigma Around Menopause Is Real (Harvard Business Review)

FDA adds a major new twist to the abortion pill fight (Axios)

Women’s health: Why is the health of at least half the global population often overlooked? (World Economic Forum)

Welcome to the Menopause Gold Rush (New York Times)

Who’s Hiring?

Mahmee is looking for a Full Stack Software Developer.

Frame Fertility is looking for a UI/UX Designer.

Delfina is hiring a Head of Sales.

Mira is looking for an E-commerce Manager.

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