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“My doctor didn’t identify the early symptoms of perimenopause. I didn’t fit the profile. I was ‘too young’ and still having a regular cycle. I was advised to take ‘time out’ to address exhaustion and upweight my vitamin intake. My experience isn’t unusual. Menopause simply isn’t well enough understood or researched. It is presented as an end-of-life category when it should be a midlife empowerment category.” Rebekah Brown, MPowder Founder & CEO


UK based menopause startup MPowder raises a €550K seed round; UK fertility benefits startup Fertifa raises a £1M seed round; Callaly is awarded a Silver Award at the 2020 Design Intelligence Awards; Sextech startups boom in coronavirus pandemic; Former Livongo execs start a new company and prepare for $500M IPO; Nominations for Top 50 in Digital Health close tomorrow; PopSugar partners with women’s health company TherapeuticsMD to launch ‘Full Disclosure’, a women’s health vertical; Women’s health startup Nurx brings on executives from 23andMe & Walmart; New study finds that the number of digital therapeutics & wellness users will reach 1.4 billion by 2025; Poland delays a near-total ban on abortion

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