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“Carrot Rx, launching this May, completely transforms the fertility medication experience from cold and complicated to personalized and pleasant” (c) Carrot


Carrot introduces Carrot Rx and Carrot Pregnancy; Gilde Healthcare announces a new €416M venture and growth capital fund; Lightspeed Venture Partners secured more than $4B across three of its funds; Index Ventures announces $2B in new funds to support the next generation of entrepreneurs; Springboard Enterprises have made an appropriations request to Members of Congress asking them to call on the FDA to properly represent women and minorities in biomedical research and its innovation approval process; The Geelong Cats women’s football team is raising awareness for endometriosis; New York introduced a new law overturning its long-held ban on paid surrogacy

Company Spotlight 

Some say it could be the perfect moment to shake up the bra industry as the smart fabrics industry is expected to see exponential growth with a forecasted valuation of $4.08 billion by 2023. But who’s innovating in this space? Below is an overview of companies, who are bringing smart tech to the bra industry.

BloomerTech has developed a multi-lead ECG heart health wearable bra to provide women the peace of mind of their heart at all times.

VITALI Wear provides smart apparels, bridging innovation and wellness through haptic wearable technology.

Missfits is bringing bra shopping into the modern era by using a data-driven approach to take the guesswork out of finding a bra that fits.

Eva Bra by Higia Technologies helps women detect signs of the breast cancer earlier on. By wearing the bra and following the directions on Eva’s app, the wearer can conduct their own breast cancer examination. 

In the Know 

Zaya Launches in New York: “Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic We See an Adoption Rate, that Exceeds Our Expectations.” (Femtech Insider)

Only 3% of Business Investment Go to Women, and That’s a Problem for Everyone (Crunchbase)

A New Frontier for Self-Love – And Sex Toys – in the Time of Corona (Vogue)

Heroes of India: When the Stork Visits During the Lockdown (Periwinkle Technologies)

How Women at NIH’s Research Hospital Lost Their Chances at Child Bearing (Science Mag)

An Interview with Uqora Founder Jenna Ryan (Paper Bag Daily)

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Thousands Lose Last Hope of Having a Baby as Lockdown Closes IVF Clinics (The Guardian)

Fearless Menopause: An Interview with MiddlesexMD Founder Dr. Barb DePree (Rosebud)

Who’s Hiring?

Zaya is looking for a Social Media Manager.

Cleo is hiring a Director, Field Marketing.

Hers is looking for Nurse Practitioners.

Progenity is hiring a Payment Solutions Analyst.

Oura is looking for a Oracle NetSuite Developer.

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