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“Since 2016, Loom has operated out of a brick-and-mortar center in Los Angeles, hosting events and educating people on a range of women’s health issues, from periods and pregnancy to fertility and abortion. With a new $3 million seed round under its belt, Loom is working on a digital expansion that will be unveiled in the fall.” (via Fast Company, Picture: Karen Hernadez)


Loom raises a $3M seed round to build a digital platform for reproductive education; Alydia announces a $13.9M Series C for its innovative postpartum hemorrhage treatment, come&gone raises $800K from Unorthodox Ventures and adds Cindy Gallop to their board; Gennev wins Portfolia’s Active Aging Challenge; YC-backed Liyfe Launches an Online Service for Breast Cancer Patients; Lemonaid Health raises a $33M Series B for its at-home health care platform; Future of Femtech is organizing a self care & wellness summit; Fab Ventures closes a new $10M fund for conscious beauty and fashion; Oscar Health unveil their $0 Virtual Primary Care Program; Period pants company WUKA is challenging the UK Government to recognize period pants as a menstrual product; #teladongo: Teladoc Health merges with Livongo

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