Natural Cycles, the FDA-cleared birth control app is introducing ‘Recovery Mode’ to support users who experience pregnancy loss before 20 weeks. The new feature was developed to help women who used its NC° Plan Pregnancy to conceive and whose pregnancy results in miscarriage as they recover physically and emotionally. About one in four pregnancies end in a miscarriage – a rate consistent with what Natural Cycles sees among its users who track their pregnancy through NC° Follow Pregnancy mode.

Elina Berglund Scherwitzl, Co-founder and CEO at Natural Cycles explains: “As we approach Mother’s Day, this is a moment to honor women in all facets of their motherhood journey, and miscarriage is an unfortunate reality for many, including me. I know firsthand the toll a miscarriage can have both mentally and physically so it’s important that Natural Cycles is here to support and guide our users when they need us most. I truly wish I could have had this mode when I experienced my own pregnancy loss.”

Recovery Mode is an interim mode within NC° Plan Pregnancy, that will work the same behind the scenes, but the user can follow their body’s recovery without receiving their daily fertility status. Users will be able to follow their recovery by tracking miscarriage bleeding, temperature patterns, emotions and will be able to identify their first ovulation after miscarriage. Recovery Mode also includes a guide with commonly asked questions around pregnancy loss.

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