The Mozilla Foundation has been publishing its *Privacy Not Included report several times a year for the past couple of years. Its latest edition of the report puts special emphasis on pregnancy apps, period trackers, and wearables used to manage reproductive health.

Ashley Boyd, VP of Advocacy at Mozilla explains in a blogpost: “During my time at Mozilla, I’ve sometimes encountered individuals who are skeptical about our online privacy work — people who see online privacy as an abstract issue, or one with few real-world consequences. I’ve always pushed back against this conception. And now, in a post-Roe era, that conception becomes even less defensible. These apps — and just about every other app and gadget on the market — have data collection as the foundation of their business model. They can track our vital signs, where we go, when we go there, and who we are. This means that now, our surveillance economy could be used to track, harass, arrest, and even prosecute a person seeking an abortion.”

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