Movano Health has started accepting orders for the previously announced Evie Ring, a new smart ring designed with a focus on women’s health. The product is marketed as an alternative offer in the wearable technology market, offering health and fitness monitoring features specifically tailored for women.

Developed based on research into physiological differences between men and women, and incorporating feedback from over a thousand women, the Evie Ring monitors various health metrics. These include sleep stages, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration rate, skin temperature trends, steps, active minutes, and calorie burn. The device also facilitates logging of mood and menstrual symptoms, potentially aiding in period and ovulation estimation, as well as tracking stress and alcohol intake.

Design and functionality features include:

  • Design Adaptability: The Evie Ring has a design that includes a small gap and slight flexibility to accommodate changes in finger size.
  • Goal Customization: The companion app allows users to set and adjust daily and weekly health goals in multiple areas, with the app modifying goals based on user performance.
  • AI-Enhanced Insights: The device uses an AI tool to identify trends across different health metrics, providing insights to users.
  • Spot Check Capability: Users can measure heart rate and blood oxygen levels at any time.

The Evie Ring is available for purchase in gold, rose gold, and silver, offered in sizes 5-12 with an included sizing kit. Priced at $269, the ring does not require a subscription – a key advantage compared to Oura’s competitor product . It also features a battery life of over four days and includes a portable charging case.

In further news Evie Ring parent company Movano Health has recently completed a $4.1 million public offering, issuing 4,870,600 shares of common stock, including shares issued under an over-allotment option. The funds raised, with shares priced at $0.85 each, are intended for general corporate use, including product development and commercial activities.

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