Twentyeight Health, a telehealth company increasing access to sexual and reproductive care, today announced the company’s rebrand as well as an expansion of its telehealth services. Twentyeight Health now offers prenatal vitamins, in addition to the pill, patch, ring, shot, emergency contraception, and internal condoms. 

Twentyeight Health Co-founder Amy Fan explains: “Telehealth shows incredible promise to increase access to high-quality care, but today the primary users of telehealth are affluent individuals living in urban areas. From day one, Twentyeight Health has focused on providing sexual and reproductive care to women from underserved communities. Over the last few years, we’ve shown that building a telehealth company that’s tailored to people who are on Medicaid or uninsured can truly help more people access the care they need.”

Twentyeight Health Co-founder Bruno Van Tuykom adds: “Twentyeight Health has grown into one of the most widely-used telehealth providers of birth control. We believe that everyone deserves to have high quality, dignified, and welcoming healthcare experiences. With today’s rebrand and launch of additional telehealth services, we’re moving one step closer to providing underserved individuals with telehealth and medication delivery services from contraception to menopause.”

To visually represent this evolution Twentyeight Health partnered with New York City creative firm Astronaut Monastery on a rebrand that would reflect the company’s mission to provide affordable, accessible healthcare to all women — regardless of where you are, where you came from, or where you’re going. 

Starting today Twentyeight Helath will be able to prescribe prenatal vitamins, which are recommended for those who are planning to become pregnant and plans to add additional services covering genital warts and herpes in the upcoming months.

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