Bonafide, the women’s healthcare company focused on introducing a more natural approach to managing menopause symptoms with first-of-its-kind, evidence-based, OTC medical products, has acquired a patented, enhanced formulation of S-adenosylmethionine (SAM-e), with triple the bioavailability of competitor products. This acquisition boosts Bonafide’s patent holdings to more than 50 issued and pending patents that it owns or exclusively licenses and exemplifies its strategy of bringing innovative R&D to the women’s health space.

SAM-e is a naturally occurring substance that is a key nutrient, widely used by the body. The SAMe composition, referred to as MSI-195, is a high bioavailability formulation of the dietary ingredient SAM-e, which is primarily used as a dietary supplement to support mood, joint health, and liver function. As part of this acquisition, Bonafide owns all assets and world-wide patents related to the supplement.

Jim Komorowski, Bonafide’s Chief Science Officer said: “This unique and potent form of SAM-e has been studied as a potential pharmaceutical product over the past decade with a significant amount of safety, pre-clinical and clinical research supporting the enhanced bioavailability of this compound. We are very enthusiastic about MSI-195 because it has the potential to help women in a number of important areas, including mood. This technology will be added to Bonafide’s already robust pipeline that includes products for overactive bladder, sleep and other symptoms that are critical to women’s health.”                                        

Bonafide’s commitment to identifying and studying natural products that target the same mechanistic pathways as pharmaceutical drugs, is supported by the company’s multimillion-dollar investments each year in technology and clinical trials. Bonafide’s portfolio of proprietary, patented ingredients and products set a strong scientific foundation for its work with physicians to develop natural solutions for common patient needs. With the completion of this acquisition, Bonafide plans to continue rigorous clinical trials to leverage the patented ingredient into future Bonafide products.

Alyssa Dweck, MD, Bonafide’s Chief Medical Officer said: “During my over 25 years in practice as an OB-GYN, I have seen that women want and need non-drug, natural alternatives for the treatment of symptoms from hormonal changes during menopause. Bonafide is not only bringing unique and naturally powerful products to market, but also leveraging its national team of physician educators to bring this important information directly to mainstream doctors and other healthcare providers. In fact, Bonafide regularly interacts with more than 11,000 healthcare providers, including many of the top menopause specialists in the US.”

Since launching in 2018, Bonafide has expanded its suite of products to include five signature natural menopause symptom relief solutions, in addition to a line of best-selling essential everyday vitamins.

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