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Marlow, a new company founded by four Canadian women, has developed a new lubricant designed for tampons to empower menstruators with the products they deserve. Launched today Marlow lubricant and tampons are now available for purchase on the company’s website. Products are delivered straight to customers’ door through a subscription model.

According to a survey conducted by the company 86% of menstruators have experienced discomfort when inserting tampons due to anxiety, light flow, vaginal dryness, or medical conditions such as vaginismus. Marlow’s product consists of 100% organic cotton tampons with a bottle of lubricant engineered to perfectly coat your tampons in one easy dip.

The company’s mission, however, goes beyond the product. Marlow wants to build a community that is eager to engage in meaningful conversation and break down the stigma around menstrual and sexual health. “As menstruators ourselves, we know how ridiculous it is that periods are a subject steeped in whispers and misinformation, and we’re determined to change that”, explains Simone Godbout, CEO of Marlow. The team has built a strong community through their Instagram, TikTok, educational blog, and interactive polls on social media. The team is also traveling to university campuses across the country to host sex education workshops and to spark much-needed conversation.

“In the last decade, we’ve seen a surge of companies such as Peloton and ClassPass who excel at physical wellness, we’ve seen companies such as Headspace and Calm lead the charge for mental wellness, and now it’s time to look forward towards sexual wellness”, Godbout states. “And we want Marlow to be at the forefront of this next wave of wellness”.

So far, the team has raised $500K from angel investors Chris Guillon, Karen Lang, Francois Arbour, George Guillon, Paul Sabourin, and NEXT Canada, an accelerator. The company is launching in Canada today; next they’ll be gearing up for their expansion to the US.

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