Austin-based Flourish has raised more than $1M in pre-seed funding to launch and expand its platform for holistic women’s health, addressing the full spectrum of behavioral health from nutrition to hydration, sleep to stress, relationships to movement. The round was led by True Wealth Ventures with participation from Halogen VC, and angel investor Monique Nolk-Yates.

Flourish was founded by Claire Siegel, a registered dietitian turned product manager, after spending 10 years of her life on diets struggling with food, health, body image, and realizing that she wasn’t the only one. In an interview on the True Wealth Ventures blog, she explains: “I spent 10 years of my life on diets, struggling with food, health, and body image, and I’m not alone. Every year, tens of millions of women vow to get healthier, and they immediately turn to diets. But diets don’t work and are often counterproductive. Women don’t need to micromanage their nutrition or obsess over the scale in order to be healthy. They need something they can stick with, and Flourish helps women get healthy for good. I founded Flourish for all of the women like me, who value their health and are done with diets.”

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