Little Journey, a mobile application designed to help children and their families prepare for surgical procedures, and other healthcare interactions, has raised £2.5M in a funding led by Octopus Ventures. The company previously added funds in February 2022 when it received £1.5M from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund.

Created in 2018 by anaesthetist Dr Chris Evans, Little Journey features interactive animated characters that aim to calm young users’ nerves during the pre-surgery period. The app also includes games to keep children occupied while waiting in hospital, and content that explains to families what to expect during and after the procedure.

Little Journey can be customised according to the user’s age, condition, and hospital. Participating hospitals have the option to select specific content to be included in the app, enhancing its personalization capabilities.

Little Journey founder Dr Chris Evans explains: “We are passionate about improving the experience of children coming to the hospital and providing data-driven personalised care. This investment will help us support more children undergoing a wider range of procedures all over the world.”

Joe Stringer, Partner at Octopus Ventures, adds: “The Little Journey team has developed a platform that not only has a hugely positive impact on the kids it’s built to help, but reduces costs for hospitals delivering paediatric care and smooths the creation of new, better treatments for children.”

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