MYHIXEL CEO Patricia López Trabajo. Image: MYHIXEL

Despite the prevailing economic challenges, MYHIXEL, the Spanish startup dedicated to men’s sexual health, has announced the successful closure of its latest funding round, raising a total of  €1.4 million euros. Leading this funding round is SEGO Venture, the Equity Crowdfunding branch of the SEGOFINANCE Group. Zubi Capital, a manager focused on social and environmental impact investing, also participated in the round. “We’re thrilled to back MYHIXEL, an innovative company that aligns with our social impact criteria, notably enhancing male quality of life and relationships,” said Marc Guasch, Director of Investments at Zubi Capital.

The fresh funds will be allocated towards scaling MYHIXEL’s current business model, exploring new research avenues, expanding international presence, obtaining relevant certifications, and exploring opportunities within the healthcare sector. These initiatives are in alignment with MYHIXEL’s overarching mission to improve male sexual health and well-being through the integration of technology and science.

Patricia López Trabajo, CEO of MYHIXEL shares: “This round closure is a significant step for MYHIXEL. We are excited about the opportunity to advance our research and services in men’s health, a key area of our mission. This year, with the addition of new technologies and innovations, we hope to make a notable difference in the lives of men and their partners.”

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